Worship Service: Shabbat at 10:30, 43 Meir Rutberg Rd, Haifa, Israel

We are Messianic Believers,
meaning we believe that the promised Messiah of Israel has come. His name is Yeshua! We need him because He is our only hope to live life as the Creator of the Universe intended.

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God created us in His image for a personal and eternal relationship- that we would be encircled by His love and live at peace with all His creation. There is no need to describe how far this is from our reality. The Bible says clearly what the reason is - sin. The root of the word sin in Hebrew is .ח.ט.א, which in use means that we failed to hit the designated target  and we experience the completely destructive ramifications. All of our endeavors to solve this problem of sin (including to ignoring it) fail - whether it's with the aid of intelligence, emotions or any form of spiritualism or religion.   As the Bible describes the depth of this problem, it also describes the singular solution: the Messiah - who will bring redemption to all, who will be the atoning lamb without blemish and who will take on Himself the price of sin. To those who trust in Him, God promises complete forgiveness of sins, true peace and eternal life. We are here today because the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob keeps His promises!

Beit Eliahu

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<h3>House of Prayer</h3>

House of Prayer

"for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples." Is. 56:7
These words of the prophet Isaiah are engraved on the side of the building and accompany us each day.

<h3>Home Groups</h3>

Home Groups

There are home groups that meet each week. The focus is on group study of God's Word.

<h3>Serving our Neighbors</h3>

Serving our Neighbors

It's our desire to serve and to support our community in times of emergency and of peace.

<h3>Counseling and Charity</h3>

Counseling and Charity

We all encounter times that are not easy in our lives. In these circumstances, not just God is with us, but He also gave us family to help.